About Me

Well I'm a teenage girl. Basically who loves to make graphics using a programe called gimp. I am a photoshop hater, I play a game called trickster online this is where I started my graphics as I made a few signatures because I started to use the forums. Now the signature thread is the most popular within the forum~ I've done over 70 requests and over 100 signatures/ other graphics. I really love a challange and love learning new skills.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Haven't updated this for a while o-o; I'll start doing it daily now seeing as theres nothing better to actually do.

Yesturday I made a signature. I really like the way it turned out. It was requested by a guild mate from the game I play. The day before that I also did another request a guild member had asked me to do.

I've also started to make backgrouds using trickster stock. Here are just a few. I started off with the witch, then did a soul master theif master and hunter lord. And hope to do more soon ^.^



Soul Master:


Theif Master:


Hunter Lord:


I'll be producing more graphics now seeing as my computer that I play trickster on went boom T_T So keep a look out~

Monday, 31 May 2010

Well sorry for such a long time not posting. It's been a little while right ^^; I have had exams so I've been pretty much revising alot. But I did manage to do some graphics yesturday for Nini. He wanted a banner for his Gaia online profile so I did one for him.. but he kinda ended up not using it.

Which one do you like best? I really like the bottom one myself.
So leave a comment telling me which.
Blushi xXx~

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I haven't been gaming or doing any graphics as I have a R.E GCSE exam today >_<
Yay for cram revision~

I got real bored at the end of break after doing more revision over my notes and I'd read them twice I wrote out some lyrics to my new fav song~

Me and my friend came up with a new saying.

I'll get back to gaming and graphics after this exams over there will be more breaks due to more exams coming up soon >_<>
Enjoy your day~
Blushi xXx~

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bits And Bats Ooo Blue!

Bits and bats and Oooo Blue:
I edited one of my older signatures for a friend off of the trickster online forums. And the end result looked like the following, and also created a banner for another forumer to go onto her pangya forum profile~
Involved: Textures, C4Ds, Basic Brushing, Text effects, Growing and editing layer sizes, Editing layer formats, Erasing. And theres alot more x.x;

Okay then so far today I have edited a age old request:

To veiw a bigger version click on the following link: http://s751.photobucket.com/albums/xx154/blushingbearsiggys/Requested%20Siggys/?action=view&current=twosidededitedforali22.png

And also made a banner for Timers, pangaya profile~

To view a bigger version of the banner click the following link: http://s751.photobucket.com/albums/xx154/blushingbearsiggys/Requested%20Siggys/?action=view&current=mini.png

You may have also noticed at the bottom page of my blog lie a slide-show watch it and you can see some of my older/new signature requests to get a taste of my talent <3.>
I'll also be taking requests for blogger banners pretty soon, so if you wanna request go ahead. But please include:
*Preferable size
*Font Colour
*Background (I can make one or you can provide stock)
*Background colour/Colours

Other than that keep a look out for more images/ posts pretty soon~
Blushi xXx~

I make a lot of signatures banners wall papers renders, avatars you name it I make or have made it. xD
I absolutely love making graphics, I'll post some of my work here soon ^.^
So keep a look out~
Blushi xXx~