About Me

Well I'm a teenage girl. Basically who loves to make graphics using a programe called gimp. I am a photoshop hater, I play a game called trickster online this is where I started my graphics as I made a few signatures because I started to use the forums. Now the signature thread is the most popular within the forum~ I've done over 70 requests and over 100 signatures/ other graphics. I really love a challange and love learning new skills.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Haven't updated this for a while o-o; I'll start doing it daily now seeing as theres nothing better to actually do.

Yesturday I made a signature. I really like the way it turned out. It was requested by a guild mate from the game I play. The day before that I also did another request a guild member had asked me to do.

I've also started to make backgrouds using trickster stock. Here are just a few. I started off with the witch, then did a soul master theif master and hunter lord. And hope to do more soon ^.^



Soul Master:


Theif Master:


Hunter Lord:


I'll be producing more graphics now seeing as my computer that I play trickster on went boom T_T So keep a look out~


  1. Blah x_x *takes a plane and tries to fix it for you* (.....) D: bad thing is that I dunno so much about hardware x3x *ish a programmer* WOOH! hm! really I'm it now xd got my "title" thingy xd passed all ^^ Hope you'd can come on soon... I'll try to come online often too, you maybe can guess why I didn't come online often o_o *shivers* hm. Well, "spying" your bloggy some times ;P Ñaaaaam :3