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Well I'm a teenage girl. Basically who loves to make graphics using a programe called gimp. I am a photoshop hater, I play a game called trickster online this is where I started my graphics as I made a few signatures because I started to use the forums. Now the signature thread is the most popular within the forum~ I've done over 70 requests and over 100 signatures/ other graphics. I really love a challange and love learning new skills.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Well sorry for such a long time not posting. It's been a little while right ^^; I have had exams so I've been pretty much revising alot. But I did manage to do some graphics yesturday for Nini. He wanted a banner for his Gaia online profile so I did one for him.. but he kinda ended up not using it.

Which one do you like best? I really like the bottom one myself.
So leave a comment telling me which.
Blushi xXx~

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