About Me

Well I'm a teenage girl. Basically who loves to make graphics using a programe called gimp. I am a photoshop hater, I play a game called trickster online this is where I started my graphics as I made a few signatures because I started to use the forums. Now the signature thread is the most popular within the forum~ I've done over 70 requests and over 100 signatures/ other graphics. I really love a challange and love learning new skills.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

I make a lot of signatures banners wall papers renders, avatars you name it I make or have made it. xD
I absolutely love making graphics, I'll post some of my work here soon ^.^
So keep a look out~
Blushi xXx~


  1. :3 I left chu a coooooomment =O Guess who am I ;3 Ñaaaaam :3

    PS: I saw my avi there!!! =O ^^ ty again x3